Studio Sound Quality

Listen to your music just as it was recorded in the studio by the artists:   True studio sound quality and pioneering technologies set the standards. For more than 70 years, Revox has manufactured premium audio products of the highest quality that are characterised by a clear design language.

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Record, save, playback

An entity that has had an enduring impact on these three disciplines is entitled to call itself a media pioneer. Revox is one such company.
From A for Abba to Z for Zappa: For over seven decades, the traditional Swiss brand Revox set the standard worldwide for studio recordings of the most well-known artistes in all music genres. The Revox promise was, is and will always be achieving music playback at home that is as close as possible to studio recordings – just as direct, as powerful, and as vibrant as the original.
Revox – freely translated, it means "the reproduced voice": The name itself already reflects the company's mission to reproduce even the most complex and multifaceted of all sound sources – the human voice – in a manner that is true to the original in all its aspects.


True studio sound quality
With Revox, music is heard exactly as it was recorded in the studio by the artistes – in true studio sound quality. The sound reproduction is natural, harmonious, and free of any gimmicks. The high-end audio sounds elegant, yet voluminous, and the sound has a genuine yet transparent quality.

Easy operation
The unique Revox operating system offers its owner maximum functionality and freedom of design with minimum operating effort.

Quality and sustainability
Each Revox product is a special masterpiece. Highest technical precision and uncompromising quality, in every component just as in the perfectly harmonised interaction of all high-quality components, ensure immersive studio sound quality at any time and in any place. Sustainability plays a crucial role at Revox. This means that Revox products are developed such that they continue to remain compatible with the current product range even after a long period of time. And servicing and repairs can still be performed after many years.

Revox's design specifications are just as high as its technical quality:
timeless, sophisticated, outstanding.
The red dot Award prizes, e.g. for the STUDIOART A100 is evidence of this. Statement from the panel of judges: «The slim, clean shape of the loudspeaker fits perfectly into a modern interior and has the advantage that it reproduces sound to fill the room«.