NEW! Expansion of the Revox Invisible Speaker range

Integrating an impressive sound experience completely invisibly into the living space offers many advantages and is particularly convincing to furnishing-oriented customers and interested parties.
That is why our development team is also continuously working on expanding our invisible speaker range.  The new, very intensive cooperation between Revox and purSonic (now part of the Revox Group) offers even more opportunities for completely new and innovative product developments.
We are very pleased to present you two new products in the Revox Invisible Speaker range today:
With its particularly minimal installation depth, the new Revox INV 20 slim can now be used in very limited spaces.
And thus it offers another decisive advantage for choosing our Invisible Speaker range. 
It is now available in two versions:
with a special membrane as INV 20 slim and with a special carbon membrane as INV 20 carbon slim.

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