Revox STUDIOMASTER T700 Turntable in the test

The MAGAZIN VINYL special tested the Revox STUDIOMASTER T700 and rated it very positively in a multi-page test report in the now published issue with the overall rating: TOP CLASS.

(...) The Revox Studiomaster T700 is an all-round successful re-entry. Both the traditional manufacturer can be proud of this re-entry into analog playback, as well as the buyer who is listening to vinyl again. From our point of view, the Revox T700 is aimed at discerning returners or climbers. It offers a complete package of high quality turntable and tonearm.  A suitable, sophisticated and already assembled pickup from the specialist Ortofon, which is supplied first-class by a built-in phono stage. The Revox can be set up within a few minutes and can be connected to the normal line input of every amplifier. In terms of sound, it offers a lot more than the simple setup might suggest. Our listening test showed that after purchasing the Studiomaster T700 you no longer need to think rationally about the turntable, it is that good. The chic design and the high quality finish do the rest. (...)

In addition, the Revox JOY systems are editorially described in a further article with great praise and this also with the reference as an ideal combination with the STUDIOMASTER T700.

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