Yello & Revox: The exclusive Revox B77 MKII Yello Edition Tape Recorder

In a historic merger of two icons of music and audio technology, Yello and Revox are launching the B77 MKII Yello Edition Tape Recorder - a synergy of technological milestone and musical masterpiece. Limited to 10 pieces worldwide.

In a masterful collaboration with Yello, Revox has exquisitely restored ten of these legendary machines, renewing, refining and customizing components. Every detail, from the precisely manufactured heads to the carefully calibrated motors, has been perfected in the Revox manufactory to ensure an incomparable sound experience and a unique visual highlight.

To go with this, Yello is offering a special Studio Master Tape Edition (black reels) of the hit album Stella, limited to 10 copies. You can also find this hit album as a standard master tape in excellent Horch House quality in the Revox Music Shop.

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