Revox History



Multiuser 3.0 KNX Gateway

With the Revox Multiuser 3.0 KNX Gateway, the Multiuser system can be conveniently integrated into the KNX home control system. The KNX gateway serves as an interface between the Revox Multiuser system and the KNX world. The gateway has a predefined database that facilitates integration and contains all relevant status feedback.


STUDIOMASTER System - The new Revox audio milestone

The STUDIOMASTER M00 |  M300 High-end audio system with powerful integrated amplifier, DAB+, FM tuner, an OLED glass front display and a wide range of possible audio sources. The STUDIOMASTER can be used as a server and simultaneously as a room amplifier. Together with other Multiuser components, it can be expanded into a Multiroom system. All functions can be easily controlled with the new Revox Multiuser App.

Multiuser App

The easiest operation – worldwide.  Patented by Revox.

In the app, each user can create their own user profile and make their own settings within the profile and set their personal favorites. All audio sources can be selected as favorites and also own playlists within a music source. This user favorites function is patented by Revox.

Individual rooms can be controlled individually and zones consisting of several rooms can be set up directly in the app and operated very clearly. The WLAN connection is made via the Revox Connect function, which enables quick and easy setup via Bluetooth.

M30 Multiuser amplifier

The Revox M30 Multiuser Amplifier is an amplifier for room sound reinforcement within the Revox Multiuser System. It has an excellent DSP stereo power amplifier with 2 x 50 watts RMS and has sufficient power for virtually any loudspeaker. Thanks to its flexible network integration via WLAN or LAN, it can be used anywhere in the house or apartment.



The Revox STUDIOCONTROL C200 enables the convenient control of audio systems and is suitable for a wide range of SMART HOME applications. From the operation of your HiFi and Multiroom system, to the control of the lighting, blinds and the door system, and the coffee machine. Excellent design and intuitive operation.

It is an Android based and Google certified control with docking station. The C200 made of aluminum and equipped with a high-quality touch display.


Expansion of the Invisible range

The new very intensive cooperation between the companies purSonic and Revox, now together in the Revox Group, offers even more opportunities for completely new and innovative product developments.

INV UNIT is a powerful full-range speaker and perfect as a sonically excellent complete solution invisibly installed under plaster, paint or wallpaper. One UNIT or even several UNITs can be used for individual solutions.

INV SUB is a high-performance subwoofer and can be perfectly combined as an optional bass amplifier with our Invisible Speakers for a completely invisible system solution installed under plaster, paint or wallpaper for impressive sound.

INV 20 slim with its particularly low installation depth, it can now be used even in very limited spaces. Also available with a special carbon membrane as INV 20 slim carbon Thanks to the special carbon membrane, the loudspeaker is particularly suitable for outdoor use and also under special temperature conditions (-20 degrees /

INV 40 aqua slim is a surface loudspeaker particularly suitable for invisible background sound in rooms with increased humidity such as bathrooms and swimming pools.

INV40 wood slim is particularly suitable for invisible background sound in rooms with wall and ceiling cladding as well as furniture made of wood and wood-based panels. With polymeric, specially coated special membrane for sustainable, flat bonding.

Revox Group takes over purSonic company

With the takeover of the purSonic company on 01.01.2021 and the integration as a separate company in the Revox Group, the Revox and purSonic brands benefit from joint development resources in the field of invisible loudspeakers.

purSonic - Innovations in Sound

The perfect integration of a sound system into room concepts and living areas is the result of many years of expertise in audio and structural engineering requirements. With purSonic soundboards, many things become possible. Whether for private living spaces, hotels, conference rooms, restaurants or museums as well as for completely individual solutions. Thanks to in-house production in Germany, registered industrial property rights and many years of experience, numerous innovation awards have been won. The declared claim is the quality leadership for the high-quality market of surface loudspeakers. Translated with (free version).

purSonic Soundboard – the original.



Revox looks back on a long analog tradition dominating the market for analog recording and
playback devices for decades. Now the Revox developers once again rose to the challenge of developing a turntable to the latest technological standard and with the highest demands for reproduction in true studio sound quality. The STUDIOMASTER T700 is a high-end turntable with a very unique integrated MC phono preamplifier. It is outfitted with a high-precision electronic PLL speed control with contact-free optical sensor. Operation takes place via backlit touch sensors on the glass plate. The tonearm is made of high-quality metals, and the tonearm tube is made of high-quality carbon fibre. The pre-mounted Ortofon Quintet Bronze MC pick-up completes this premium product.

STUDIOART S100 Audiobar

The Revox STUDIOART S100 Audiobar is an active 3.1 speaker with outstanding reproduction quality of up to 192 kHz/24 bit for an impressive music and TV/home cinema experience – even at low volume and with excellent speech intelligibility. It features integrated dual port bass reflex technology. Music can be streamed via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay. The S100 can easily be combined with other STUDIOART products, as a 5.1 system and even as a multiroom system.



The V400 Multiuser Server is the heart of a Revox Multiuser system. It supplies all room amplifiers and Multiuser modules with the relevant streams (e.g. the services for the music server, AirPlay, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, or internet radio) and coordinates the operation of apps or home control systems. Configuration takes place with the Multiuser Configurator by Revox via a browser, and includes all settings necessary for operation.


STUDIOART Products A100, P100, B100

The new Revox STUDIOART products are in a class of their own. The Revox developers have succeeded in meeting the high demands of true studio sound quality even with particularly compact loudspeakers. The STUDIOART A100 speaker offers access to numerous music sources even when operated in the optional battery mode. In addition to internet radio and the online music services from Spotify, Tidal and Deezer, the A100 can also play your own music from your home network or via Bluetooth.
The new STUDIOART serie includes the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker A100, the P100 passive speaker, and the B100 Bass Module, which can be connected wirelessly. All STUDIOART products can be optimally combined and even used in a multiroom solution.



The Revox Control V255 Display makes controlling Multiroom/Multiuser Systems even more intuitive. It is used as a mounted wall display and offers optimal control options.


Revox Multiuser System

Once a pioneer, always a pioneer: Revox is continuing the tradition of sustainable innovation with the new Multiuser System. Through its exquisite sound and a patented, user-centric operating concept, Voxnet has raised the bar yet again, in the area of Multiroom audio systems.


Music archive for everyone

The record and playback of music has a long tradition at Revox. The best possible music quality has always been in the foreground. And this requirement was continued as guide line for the development of the audio server. Beside the compressed file format MP3 the audio server offers the possibility to record music as well in the lossless format FLAC or as WAV file. And all with an extremely easy operating concept


Joy in listening

The Revox Joy Audio Network Receiver is truly multi-talented, not just in terms of the wide range of sources and functions but also in respect of the operating options and of course the awesome audio qualities that it demonstrates.


The system for life

The system for life The Revox modular concept has been reborn through the Re:system M100, in a completely new, forward-looking concept. The startpoint is a compact hi-fi system with exquisite sound, in an elegant housing of the finest design. The system then grows, as required, from the stereo system into a complete Multiroom solution.


Integration of the multimedia word

With the newest module from the M series, the comprehensive connection of the Revox Multiroom System to the World Wide Web and the multimedia world becomes reality. Radio programmes from the Internet, as well as content from an iPod or any other hard disc drive can be controlled through the system with the simplest of operations. With just the press of a single button you control your entertainment programme throughout the whole house.


Exclusive in both sound and design

By launching two new exclusive speaker ranges, the H and L series, Revox presents two absolute landmark products in the world of speakers. Both ranges captivate through their unique design and awesome sound and prove yet again the legendary audiophile competence of the house of Revox.


Even more operator comfort

Revox perfects operational comfort with the Re:control M208 intelligent remote control. Many products from other manufacturers can now also be integrated into the Revox operating concept, together with all the Revox devices. All functions can be controlled very simply with just one remote control.


Perfectly integrated video play back

This marks a further significant development step in the concept of the one-button operating concept. Revox succeeds in fully integrating picture reproduction devices into the Revox control system, so that an integral system can be operated with the press of a single button.


Full integration in the "Smart Home"

Together with partners Gira and Feller, Revox offers the possibility of integrating the Revox world of audio and video into a primary building management system. As a result, lights, air-conditioning and many other useful functions can be controlled from one system, alongside the Revox products.


The thinking system

Revox introduces a response feature into the area of Multiroom, which makes the operation from the individual rooms even easier and more intuitive. The possibility to be able to select individual titles from any location is a result of this enhanced operational concept.


The Re:system M51 milestone

Revox reaches a new milestone and presents the M51. The unique audio/video system, with its completely modular construction, forms the basis for the Revox Multiroom System. Thanks to the four separately controllable listening zones, up to four different sources can be listened to at the same time.


Music archive for the whole house

As the first provider in the Multiroom area, Revox offers the complete integration of an audio server in a Multiroom System. The new technology enables you to access your stored music simply, from any room in the house.


Flat and brilliant: Plasma TV E542

In 1999, Revox is one of the first companies in its field to present a plasma TV. The E542 impresses with its razor-sharp picture reproduction and an incredibly flat construction.


Scala 3.6 digital speaker

With the Scala 3.6 digital speaker, Revox presents a solution to the unavoidable problem of runtime delay that affects analog speakers. The unique sound experience of the Scala 3.6 still excites countless musicians and producers today, because it comes so close to the actual live experience.


Multiroom pioneers

With the Multiroom System “Easy Line” and the B200 audio/video controller, Revox opens up the innovative and trendsetting field of Multiroom technology. The controller could combine all the peripheral switching commands into logical functional processes and transmit them on to the connected hi-fi components.


Innovation in vinyl

The Revox B790 record player with quartz-controlled direct drive and tangential pick-up arm was not just exciting because of its advanced design but because of a complete range of functional innovations. The B790 united security and simplicity of operation and essentially offered new solutions to old problems.


Audiophile sound converters

By 1970, Revox began to invest time and money in the development of speakers that were capable of adequately converting the qualities of their own hi-fi components. The AX range marked the start of a decade of non-stop success stories through the development of high-quality sound converters to meet audiophile demands.


The legend that is the Revox A77

Almost 20 years of development expertise and depth of experience from the world of studio technology go into the company’s most successful tape recorder range, the Revox A77. The A77 is enhanced by the addition of a matched FM tuner and amplifier, resulting in a uniformly designed hi-fi system.


Musicians love Revox

Numerous musicians have always appreciated the outstanding quality of the Studer Revox tape recorders. A milestone was certainly the legendary and trend-setting Sgt. Pepper album from the Beatles. And also other artists and musicians like David Barenboim, James Brown, Eric Clapton, Genesis, U2, Pink Floyd or the Vienna Philharmonic Symphony are only a small choice of "big names" in the music business having produced their records with our devices.


The choice of the stars

The legendary Beatles album “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, arguably the most innovative pop album of its time, is recorded with the Studer J37 at the Abbey Road Studios in London. The Studer-Revox company dominates the area of advanced studio technology for decades.


Professional technology for the home

The Revox D36 is the first stereo tape recorder for two or four track recording on the market. With a completely newly developed amplifier part for recording and playback, this device opens up the possibility of high-quality stereo recording using two microphones to the amateur and hobby musician.


Professional studio equipment

Willi Studer presents his first professional studio tape recorder, the Studer A27. At one stroke, two product lines and brand names are established with the name. From now on, the name Studer stands for the professional studio range while Revox becomes the premium brand for the private music lover.


The first Revox tape recorder

With the Revox T26, Will Studer launches his first tape recorder under his own brand name. The device was a development based on the Dynavox and had such excellent quality that it was used in the professional world of broadcast.


Start-up period

Willi Studer, the genial creator and founding father of the Studer/Revox global organisation opens his company ”Willi Studer, Factory for Electronic Equipment” in Herisau, Switzerland. Alongside the development and manufacture of high-voltage oscilloscopes, the young company soon turns to the development of reel to reel machines, initially marketed under the Dynavox name.