The Revox Group currently operates from three locations. In Regensdorf - near by Zurich - the official headquarters and the sales company for Switzerland are located. The production facilities and sales department for Germany and most markets are in Villingen in the Black Forest. The Revox sales company for Austria is located in Kitzbühel.


Revox Deutschland GmbH

Empfang im Revox Werk in Villingen


The Revox "KLANGWERK" in Villingen

The production facilities for Revox products are located in Villingen in the Black Forest. Here the products are not only developed, but also manufactured and inspected according to stringent quality guidelines.

When manufacturing the products, Revox pays particular attention to a consistently high quality standard. Our suppliers also contribute to this, most of whom are located in the immediate vicinity of our location. The short distances ensure simple and easy communication. In the event of a problem, the first calls can usually be found within a few hours.

The Revox products not only meet the "Made in Germany" seal of quality, but also meet the strict quality requirements of the international markets.

Music is always the focus of the Revox Group's employees. Many Revox employees are active musicians themselves. Your musical competence flows directly into the development and manufacturing process.

Revox (Schweiz) AG

Ausstellung in der Revox (Schweiz) AG in Regensdorf/CH

Revox is located in Regensdorf for almost 70 years. Large parts of product development still take place in Switzerland. There are several companies in the Revox Group in Switzerland.

Revox (Schweiz) AG supports from Regensdorf Swiss dealers and supports them in their projects with Revox products. 


Revox Handels GmbH

Ausstellungsraum der Revox Austria mit Re:sound G Lautsprechern und M51

Revox Handels GmbH is located in Kitzbühel. Revox Austria looks after the Austrian dealers, but at the same time also offers a place to go for customers, but also architects, interior designers or electrical planners, to experience Revox products in a beautiful living environment.